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Patrick Collins in Retrospect
by Brian Fallon

Ragged Modernist
Patrick Collins's cutouts
by Jason Oakley

Patrick Collins
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An Appreciation by Aidan Higgins


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Patrick Collins Centenary Exhibition

The exhibition “Patrick Collins, the late cut-outs” will be shown at the Dr. Tony Ryan Gallery at the Royal Hibernian Academy, Dublin, Ireland from January 14 to March 27, 2011.

"Someone once asked me why didn’t I teach - pass on my experience to somebody else? In reply, I said I would have to start by saying, I can teach you nothing because I know nothing and that’s after a lifetime of working for artistic completion, reading, writing, researching, discussing and observing. I broke all the rules in an effort to get at the truth of something and landed back on my own two feet with the conclusion that nobody else knew anything either. So, there are no teachers, no pundits, only yourself. I started by trying to wed the thing and some hidden meaning of it and instinctively demanding a shape that overall accommodated both. Now, I’ve arrived at a logical development of this idea with the blanks substituting or suggesting what I don’t know.

To whom it may concern. Forgive me. Sinn Fèin."

Patrick Collins 1989